66014Previously I have worked with the Team990, Montreal’s english sports radio station, on a weekly show named “Game Points” and CJLO, the Concordia University radio station, where I negotiated for and organized contributions of Canadian university sports coverage into the station curriculum.

I have also experience hosting and producing a two-hour daily internet radio broadcast, as well as being responsible for 10-15 individual radio spots per day aired on various stations throughout the United States.

contact: tjeero@hotmail.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Anonymous

    thanks Adrian – I will check your blog – I have currently been in Colombia for the last ten days, visiting the country where there are many things happening – new leftist mayor in Bogota, student protests against university privitization and the rebel/paramilitary conflict which never seems to end – and will be returning to Montreal on Wednesday. Please send me articles of importance to you at tjeero@hotmail.com !!! Thanks for your support and expect mine!

  2. Hi Tariq,

    I thought you might be interested in my social change blog. I just posted a CODEPINK story about the blockade and I try to give that issue plenty of “ink.”


    Best wishes,

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