Canada’s Middle – Betrayed by the Right and the Left

Tariq Jeeroburkhan

April 2, 2013 – Canadian politics is the highest form of Canadian fictional literature that exists in this country today. The plot and storyline are just as contrived as the actors and props who consider themselves Canadian “political players.”

canadamoneyThe story lines and agendas are decided upon, literally years in advance, by people whom the Canadian public have never seen, certainly have never elected to represent them, and for the most part aren’t even aware exist. In fact, it is the ignorance of most Canadians as to how this country’s narrative is really decided and applied that provides the opportunity to pretend that we live in a functional democracy.

For these people, and the Canadian Establishment that robs them blind as long as they think everything is okay, ignorance truly is bliss.

Today’s Narrative

Stephen Harper and his Conservative (Right) government have been the face and voice of Canada for the last five years.

Despite the complaints and catcalls from the Canadian Left (who like to be referred to as “progressives”) denouncing Harper as a despot, dictator and determining his caucus to be nothing more than a muppet show, Canadians from the middle were somewhat forced to concede a majority mandate to Harper’s Conservatives in the last Federal election, 2010. The Conservatives were not the best Canada could do, but there were no other options as the Canadian Middle saw nothing different, in practice, from the Canadian Left.

While the Liberals, Canada’s traditional centre-left party, are the ones who have created this mess in our country by leaving fifteen years-worth of political, social, and financial alliances hanging in the wind, they have had little trouble filling Canada’s third party role, which is to be the “voice of conscience” and objects of ridicule for the government and official opposition, when necessary, “in play” for whoever can rein them in.

The anachronistic role a third party is expected to play in Canada’s political storyline, amongst other blatant misdirections, is but one example of what renders the whole act out of date and out of touch with the Canadian people who can no longer identify with the roles. This has been the imposed fate on a Canadian people who are having an increasingly difficult time identifying with the political actors themselves – because we are finally beginning to realize the truth about how Canada’s political theatre operates to exploit us all.

The Reality

The Canadian people no longer see following this melodrama as an acceptable way to live – we don’t want to chase fictional carrots or worse, wait for carrots to be dangled in front of us, we want security

through all forms of independence, financial independence being first and foremost, as long as we live in a society where access is based on financial accumulation.

Therefore, the Canadian people can no longer relate to the Canadian Establishment’s script for this country – mainly because the actors and props within the political parties themselves no longer represent what their parties claim to stand for.

It’s not that we can no longer relate to what the Liberals, the NDP or the Conservatives stand for, it’s that we no longer feel that the political actors themselves, our political representatives, can relate or even care about what they are supposed to stand for.

In most cases they don’t know and in some cases they don’t care. That is how far the separation between the political class stooges, the pigs that pull their strings, and the majority of the Canadian electorate has become. Apartheidists eat your heart out! Canada has perfected it.

Canadian Apartheid

The Apartheid in this country is a mirror of the Apartheid in the US – a conscious effort to create a complete separation between the people who vote and the mob of people who represent them. The goal of this mob, which includes all the lackeys of elected representatives, corrupt civil servants, corrupt security and portions of mainstream media, is to eliminate any honest voice from participating in the formation of legislation, the establishment of national priorities, and most importantly, having any say whatsoever in the distribution of any resources, including our very own tax dollars.

This is somewhat different from the racially or culturally-based Apartheid in old South Africa or today’s Israel, where people who are of different cultures than the majority are ostracized and not provided with equal protections under the laws of state. In Canada and the US all can vote, all have equal protection under the law, only the formation and passing of the legislation and laws have been completely removed from the influence of all people – not just those of different cultures.

How it Works

Before continuing, this must be understood: The entire political class in this country, save for a few honest representatives whose participation within the system is necessary to maintain the appearance of credibility, basically work together as a “family”, regardless of their political stripes, to control the bulk entirety of this country’s resources for themselves.

To maintain this deception a highly visible and partisan, to the point of belligerent, under-class of political lackeys and wannabes must try to impose on the public consciousness and members of the public itself a belief in the absolute disdain the parties appear to have for each other. These are the spots usually reserved for the sons and daughters of Canada’s corporate and over-privileged classes and this time in their lives is meant to give them an understanding of how this country really is run so they will be ready when they are handed the silver spoon.

These people comprising the Canadian political class, who have described themselves to me as a “family” during their numerous but substantially empty recruiting efforts, obviously do not include the majority of the Canadian people in their concept of “family.” They have a concept of “resources” that includes Canadian citizens as objects and nothing more than unpaid props available for the ruling class’s disposal.

What’s most telling is the “butterfly effect” that one misused or wasted resource can have on the entire dynamic. That is evident in the appalling lack of any practical difference between the actions and priorities of the official leader of the opposition Tom Mulcair and Prime Minister Stephen Harper – the only real difference is how they sell themselves to the Canadian people through the mainstream media.

The only things that ever change is the casting for the roles that each member of the overall troupe is expected to play, depending on who is in the government or opposition at the moment.

This means that had Tom Mulcair been Prime Minister since 2006 instead of Stephen Harper the exact same legislation and policies would have been passed over that time, only they would have been marketed and sold to the Canadian people so as to reflect what the NDP is supposed to stand for, as opposed to what the Conservatives are supposed to stand for.

That is the Canadian Establishment’s favourite game  played by the Canadian political class and their partners in the Canadian mainstream media and security classes who consider the Canadian people to be nothing more than “fish” or “marks”.

This enables that in practice, all legislation meant to pass or fail is already decided upon well in advance in the backrooms and sky-lounges by the corporate establishment who remain in place beyond mandates, while it is the political parties and the individual actors that come and go with each change in government – no surprises for the Establishment business interests.

It is simply up to whoever the people “choose” as government to promote the bills when they come to term and whoever the people “choose” as opposition to oppose them.

The people have no say at all in what legislation gets proposed, even less say in what gets passed, and incredibly, for their part the political class actors and props don’t have much say either (just higher yearly incomes at our expense for their role as mouthpiece – which is what most of them are in it for).

Legislation and priorities are decided upon by members of the Canadian Establishment who pull the strings of their political class puppets to get their agendas approved. The Canadian people and their needs are rendered completely irrelevant in this reality – and so is the choice we make during elections every four or five years, once you realize that the only people we have the option of voting for all take their directives from the same corrupt “family.” This is a “family” that the Canadian people are NOT a part of, and once representatives are elected, regardless of their party ties, intentions or honesty going in, this process of manipulation continues, whether the elected representatives themselves are even aware of what is happening or not.

Most Canadians would be appalled and disgraced to know the percentage of sitting MPs who don’t know or don’t care how Ottawa really works as long as they get their paychecks and they are given enough portfolio work to appear busy to their constituents.

Today’s Backstory

Long before the Liberal government of Paul Martin fell in 2006, the Liberal party understood that there would come a point where the Liberal image, brand and identity would have to be re-made in order to strike a new chord with the Canadian Middle.

What was most important about the timing for the Liberals would be that the party did not lose any of its traditional centre support or voting base to the emerging NDP while the Liberals were undergoing their transition – the Liberal’s current search for a new leader is the middle stage of their re-packaging, time will tell if it will be a true transition.

When Paul Martin’s Federal Liberals came to power in 2003, Tom Mulcair came from the Quebec Provincial Liberals to join the NDP and their new leader, Jack Layton. Mulcair spent eight years as Jack’s apparent “protégé” before Layton’s untimely demise in 2011.

In 2011, with the NDP leadership position open and the Liberals licking their political wounds in the corner of the house, the sponsors and protectors of Paul Martin’s Liberal party threw all their weight and support behind Tom Mulcair’s bid. That support was not only financial, easily allowing Mulcair to outspend the other candidates combined, but it also comprised all the local and ground-level networks that had been created, used and abused by fifteen years of Liberal over-extension in Quebec and beyond.

There have been no changes whatsoever in how these networks have been used or supervised between Martin’s Liberals and Mulcair’s “orange wave,” except for the colour of the shirt. Why would there be? The decision-makers from each entity are one and the same and consider themselves to be the patriarchs of the entire Quebec-based portion of the “family”– the Quebec Establishment–all in it together to extort with impunity what they can from the Canadian people.

It is these ground swell networks and their finances that effectively buoyed the Quebec “orange wave” in 2010 and provided Mulcair with the funding necessary to accrue the leadership of the NDP in 2011. That’s what he had been put there for in 2003, to ensure the continuation of these Liberal networks on the ground, even when the Federal Liberal party itself was reduced to third party status and a scapegoat role.

Mulcair’s reward from his Liberal sponsors for ensuring that the Liberals lose no long-term ground to the NDP federally will be the leadership of the Quebec Provincial Liberal Party (after the NDP fails in the 2015 Federal Election). Eventually, the Establishment’s goal is to award Mulcair’s loyalty with the premiership of Quebec: where the same networks of Martin Liberals and Jean Charest’s Quebec Liberals will combine with Mulcair’s “orange wavers” to renew the control the Establishment had in Quebec with Charest, only updated for a new generation.


Among countless examples since his 2011 election as leader, Mulcair’s absolute refusal to move ahead with a Quebec Provincial NDP party, as per the requests of the NDP Quebec membership, is based on the fact the his future lies with the Quebec Provincial Liberals, and he knows it – even if half his caucus is being kept in the dark.

quebecredsquareOther examples persist. The muzzle Mulcair placed on his caucus this past summer to prevent any criticism whatsoever of Jean Charest and his Quebec Liberals was right in line with Mulcair’s refusal to support Quebec’s red-square student movement with anything more than lip service. The student movement in Quebec provided the NDP “orange wave” with its most concrete and potentially long-term electoral support, and by turning his back on the students, Mulcair did what was most urgently necessary to ensure the NDP would and will not be able to rely on the majority of the next generations’ political support at the expense of future Liberal parties.


Moving Forward

Now, with their own actor at the head of the “rival” NDP, the Liberals have no fear of losing any support or voting base while they re-brand, and simultaneously half of the NDP caucus and membership base is getting scammed. The only question is whether the Quebec Establishment will continue to use Mulcair’s NDP as their vehicle moving forward or revert to the new-look Liberals for implementation of their agendas.

The answer will be a combination of the two: Mulcair’s horde within Quebec and the new-look Liberal party on the national level, UNLESS the new leader of the Federal Liberal Party is truly able to turn the page and clean out all the Quebec-centric corrupt pigs.

The most important point to understand is this: whether their actors are wearing red or orange the Quebec Establishment will try to impose the exact same legislation and priorities through their mouthpieces of choice.

Permanent control of Quebec by the Establishment business interests in this province becomes far more important as Quebec will have less and less of a say in Canada’s affairs. And that is the future for a province whose corruption the rest of Canada has worn around the neck like an albatross for the past 40 years. That will be Quebec’s legacy and it is high time, according to the people across Canada who want the next Quebec Separation vote open to all members of the country so Quebec can be kicked out, regardless of how the majority of Quebecers feel.

Now, what about the Conservatives? Don’t hold your breath, but don’t be surprised either if some form of Western Canadian separation referendum is tabled should the next federal government revert to appeasing Quebec once again at the expense of the Rest of Canada. In more ways than one, today’s Conservatives are stockpiling Canadian wealth for the west specifically so generations of future Canadians can entertain that option and no longer be held hostage by the corrupt mob that controls Quebec politics.

As for the NDP itself after Mulcair’s hijacking is complete? The honest intention is to return to Jack Layton and Ed Broadbent’s vision for the party and to continue anew, with the Mulcair experience in tow – perhaps even returning to the original yellow colour to indicate a return to true NDP values.

Mulcair will take his inner team with him to the provincial Liberals but just to make sure the NDP doesn’t come up too strong after Mulcair leaves, Project Montreal, a municipal party in the city has been set up to accommodate the scores of the political actor mob who won’t be going with Mulcair to Quebec City but were only in the NDP at all to make sure that Mulcair had the votes to secure the party and will leave as soon as he does.



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