If ’5 Broken Cameras’ wins an Oscar– then will you end the occupation?

this article appeared first at – http://mondoweiss.net/2012/06/if-5-broken-cameras-wins-an-oscar-then-will-you-end-the-occupation.html

Phillip Weiss

June 5, 2012 – Tonight at the Film Forum, the directors of Five Broken Cameras will be answering questions about the film, which is shot in Bil’in over the seven years of the village’s historic protests. I can’t urge you strongly enough to go.

There is a widespread sense inside our community that this film is The Horse; that it is the vehicle to bring wide attention to the horrors of the occupation. Abdeen Jabara has compared it to the Battle of Algiers. Jewish Voice for Peace is promoting the film: “5 Broken Cameras … is getting rave reviews from activists and critics alike.” “Wrenching,” Pamela Olson said to me as she was leaving the showing before mine on Sunday night, and she is right.

I found the movie devastating. There are two utterly noble characters in the film: Bassem Abu Rahmah  and Adeeb Abu Rahmah.  Some day there will be statues of these great men.

The other achievement of the movie is the depiction of the Israelis. When the settlers come flying into  their new high rises built on Bil’in’s land, one settler says on a cellphone, Get the furniture in, put up the mezzuzzah. It is a crass landgrab.

In the Q and A after the film, its producer and directors were asked about what we can  do in New York—is boycott an effective tool?

It seemed like the last thing producer Richard Lorber wanted to hear; he repeated the question but left out the word boycott. Co-director Emad Burnat said, “I think the people in the United States (and beyond) should see the film and understand more about the reality and the truth.”

Lorber, chairman of the Film Forum urged the packed house to go out there and push the movie.

“I feel very strongly about this film and we want to take it to the Oscars. Tell your friends. Get the butts in the seats.”


The full article can be read at – http://mondoweiss.net/2012/06/if-5-broken-cameras-wins-an-oscar-then-will-you-end-the-occupation.html


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