The Comment Tree – May 9, 2012

Tariq Jeeroburkhan

Weekly collection of posts and commentary from social and mainstream media sources – keeping up to date with the topics of interest in the current news cycle, international and domestic.

Random Thoughts

Marc Luzietti – “Sheeple” (port-manteaux of “Sheep and People”) is an elitist term which holds the people in contempt for being victims of the most advanced propaganda system in human history. F— that word!

Derrick O’Keefe – “Harper government has had a good first year”. This is the headline of today’s Globe and Mail editorial, and it’s also a timely reminder of the need to support independent and alternative media in this country…

Sooraya Soormally – Laughing faces do not mean that there is absence of sorrow! It means that they have the ability to deal with it!

Anna Lee – The difference with journalists from the mainstream media in NATO and GCC countries is that they come with an agenda…

Occupation of Afghanistan and Region

Jack Smith – Our military and the administration continue to call these people “collateral victims of war”. I must have missed something; I don’t remember the US declaring war against Pakistan.

Abbas Bahram – We have been deceived a lot. Our country has been destroyed ‘cause of ethnical conflicts. We don’t have to find the differences in which language we speak and what tribe we are. We have to hate the one who find (sic) that difference between us. We are one Afghan and we are one nation.

Barack Obama – The United States has not come here to claim resources or to claim territory.

Jason Ditz – With the ink now drying on the document and the US officially committed to the occupation of Afghanistan for another decade, officials are continuing to tout 2014 as the “end” of the war. This speaks to how the 2024 date has not been publically presented to the American public; when they will officially spring it on us remains unclear.

Common Dreams – It’s not clear what the year since the killing of Bin Laden has done to improve U.S. or Afghan security. It’s even less clear what staying for another dozen years will do for either country. The time to bring U.S. forces home is now, not 2014, and certainly not 2024.

Social Justice Issues

AlexMendoza – There should be no “free speech zones” in America. America is one big free speech zone where one should be able to show their freedom of conscience absolutely everywhere without fear of repercussions from the powers that be.

Dawna Lee – We have the same problem with high prices of food in Labrador communities. It is cheaper to buy a can of pop and a bag of chips (and call it a lunch) than to buy milk, fresh veggie/fruit or meat. Is it any wonder that there is a pandemic of diabetes in northern communities?

Rev. David Giuliano – The future of Israel and Palestine are intimately intertwined. Until Palestinian people experience justice, peace, and freedom of movement, Israel will be unable to fully claim its place among democratic nations. What we’re calling for is a focused boycott of products that are being created illegally. To buy settlement products is the same as buying stolen goods – in other words, benefiting from the crime. This is not a call for a boycott of Israel or Israeli products.

Ronald Bruce Fleming – Not answering questions is long-standing parliamentary tradition. It’s why the public laughs at question period. Parliamentary reform is necessary. Perhaps the Speaker of the House could hold in contempt those who don’t answer direct questions. Until such fundamentals are in place, it’s all a waste of everyone’s time, except perhaps for those too young to know that it’s all still business as usual.

US Presidential Campaigning

Daniel Coble – The USA is a global empire built on aggressive warfare, police-state tactics, Orwellian propaganda, bankster larceny, genocide, and the destruction of the earth…And people are worried about the identity of the puppet who is going to read the teleprompter for the next 4 years?

Jerry Davichik – It’s so hard to believe, that with the salary, retirement plan, prestige, power, influence and living accommodations, this is the best we can attract for the job of President of the United States. Hell, McDonalds’ gets more applicants. I wonder if they’d share their applicant information.

Ellie Lutzke – Well, as they say: If they do not vote they have no room to complain. I, on the other hand, vote every time and complain loudly and constantly, lol!

Stewart Alexander – Take the power back! You cannot simply regulate the weed of capitalism by chopping off its leaves – you must pull it out by the root and replace it with something beneficial.


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