The Comment Tree – May 2, 2012

Tariq Jeeroburkhan

A weekly collection of posts and commentary from social and mainstream media sources – keeping up to date with the topics of interest in the current news cycle, international and domestic.

Random Thoughts

Chris Alivisatos – Just filling out my “Organ Donor” card. To the Con/Reform party I leave my liver and my anus: one is shot, the other to kiss. To the NDP I leave my brain, with the loss of Jack (no disrespect intended, he was a great man) you could use it. To the Liberals I leave my testicles, because you seem to have lost yours.

Niki Ashton – I want to warn Harper that I’m going to be using the F-word in the House – “feminism”.

Ron Waller – Our ancestors sacrificed their lives so we could have freedom. All that’s asked of us is to act responsibly to preserve the world for future generations. If we are too greedy and selfish to do that we are nothing more than good-for-nothing ingrates and our ancestors died in vain.

Richard Diamond – Lighting a tire fire at dusk to celebrate Earth Day.

Peter Bienart – Certainly, no American familiar with the way the United States government treated German-Americans during World War I, Japanese-Americans during World War II, or even Muslim-Americans during the “War on Terror” has any cause for sanctimony.

Quebec Student Protests

Matthew Brett – The movement today is one of resistance and social change. People are refusing to pay for decades of corporate tax cuts, deregulation, economic crises and environmental exploitation. And while the conditions in Quebec are unique, many of the basic principles apply across Canada and most of the industrialized world. A spirit of political agitation, resistance and civil disobedience is emerging that will likely broaden in the months and years ahead.

Jameela Jeeroburkhan – For those of you far flung and perhaps unaware, college and university students in Quebec have been protesting the government’s unilateral increase of tuition fees by 75% over 5 years. Their cause is symbolized by the red square.

Selena Gregoire – If the Plan Nord goes through, we’re finished. It will damage our territory. I’m doing this for my children, so they don’t lose our way of life, so they can go out and hunt in the forest when they’re older. We have to protest so they recognize our rights.

Rex Murphy – It doesn’t take a University degree to realize that vandalism is not protest.

Michael Marin – Quebec students aren’t selfishly protesting a modest tuition increase. They’re fighting a policy that is economically and socially unjustifiable. They see the long-term implications that their Ontario counterparts failed to see 15 years ago.

Marijuana Legalization

Lorne Bozinoff – For a majority of Canadians, the war on this particular drug needs to end. The public no longer favours devoting the time and resources required to restrict marijuana use and possession, while many feel the best strategy is to legalize and tax its sale.

Michael MacDonald – Without the U.S. on board, Canada would be unable to consider legalization because of the potential effects on border trade.

Otto Perez Molina – We all agree that drugs are bad for our health and that therefore we have to concentrate on impeding their consumption, just as we combat alcoholism and tobacco addiction. However, nobody in the world has ever suggested eradicating sugarcane plantations, or potatoes and barley production, in spite of these being raw materials in the production of the likes of rum, beer and vodka. And we all know that alcoholism and tobacco addiction cause thousands of deaths every year all over the world.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) – We are extremely concerned that Canada is implementing mandatory minimum sentencing legislation for minor marijuana-related offences similar to those that have been such costly failures in the United States. These policies have bankrupted state budgets as limited tax dollars pay to imprison non-violent drug offenders at record rates instead of programs that can actually improve community safety.

Summit of the Americas Reactions

Nancy Pelosi There has to be an investigation to see how this could have happened, and those responsible should have to pay a price. But as with all these things, there are many people in the Secret Service who do their job responsibly, and we can’t paint everyone with the same brush. But nonetheless, those people who were responsible have brought disgrace and it’s disgusting.

Greg Grandin – Latin Americans themselves are creating these bodies that are excluding the United States, that are deepening integration, political and economic integration. This seems to be a venue in which they come together in order to criticize Washington, quite effectively.

Evo Morales – All the countries here in Latin America and the Caribbean want Cuba to be present. But the United States won’t accept; it’s like a dictatorship.

Juan Manuel Santos – There was no declaration because there is no consensus

Mark Entwistle – (For) the robust regional powers like Brazil and Mexico, it’s using the Cuba item as a means of sending a message, particularly to the United States, that their views have to be taken seriously and that they’re major regional players.


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