International financial regulators, mount up! There’s going to be a lynching…

Tariq Jeeroburkhan

April 11, 2012 – If American dollars are going to continue to fund global inequality, arms and weaponry, and support corruption throughout the world, counter to the desires and directions of the global progressive majority – then the solution is to devaluate the US dollar.

Global thinkers have seen this as the solution to growing international problems since the Vietnam War, if not before.

Implementation comes through two strategies: by (1) refusing to recognize or accept the US dollar on international money markets (oil, trading, etc., SEE OPEC) (2) require the US to pay back their foreign debts to the countries they owe (the list would give most Americans nightmares) in those countries’ currencies, NOT by accepting more US dollars printed in the basement of the Federal Treasury.

As this happens, the effect on the US domestic consumer will be intense IF American companies transfer their rising operating costs onto the domestic consumer and raise the price on national shelves.

The very viable alternative is that the companies simply settle for less of a profit margin then they have become accustomed to pocketing. That would be a solution for all, instead of having the companies transferring their continued profit expectations on the dependent domestic consumer.

If the price of gas doubles in US dollars gas will be $16 to $20 per gallon.

But the price of gas will remain consistent in Euros, Chinese Yuans, or Peso – How long will Americans put up with a 20$gallon of gas? The majority can’t even afford a 5$gallon of gas – You want to force a change? Voila.

Saddam Hussein in Iraq was the US’ ally, even when he attacked Kuwait – it was only when Hussein refused to any longer accept US dollars for Iraqi oil that he was attacked in 1991 and again by Bush Jr a decade later. The old war-mongering against Iran is based on precisely the same reason: Iran wants to trade its oil in Euros, not US dollars.

The idea of limiting American influence throughout the world by ignoring their currency has been around since the 60s! Now there is a majority of global progressives who see this method as the only solution to restore a true global community, no longer dictated to by superpowers.



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