Corporate Class Economic Manipulation: How it Works (simplified version)

John Perkins, author of ‘HoodWinked’ and ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’, explains, simply and clearly, how the corporate class and its”jackels” or “footsoldiers” economically manipulate the countries of the world for their resources and into economic dependence.

These countries are then used, against their will and without their awareness, as fronts through which the corporate class funds its own enterprise, under the guise of “foriegn aid development”.

Told by a man, John Perkins, whose job it was to enforce the corporate class agenda, albeit in the name of national security, for 30 years until he decided to walk away and try to put a stop to the exploitation of peoples and nations. He has been steadily raising public awareness of the methodology in place.



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March 6, 2012 · 1:42 pm

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