Pledge to support Colombian GM Workers‏

A message from Gail M. Francis…

Dear Friends and Concerned Colleagues,

Help support self organized GM workers in Bogota, Colombia!
For 180 straight days of protest outside the US embassy, the workers are protesting GM’s egregious working conditions and its firing of injured workers. They have formed a group named ASOTRECOL (Association of Workers and Injured Ex-Workers of GMC) to defend against a systematic practice of firing them after they suffer workplace injuries. The problems are particularly severe in the painting and welding department.  The most frequent and persistent injuries are to the rotator cuffs, respiratory systems, backs, tendons, and internal organs. These are chronic injuries rendering most of them permanently disabled. The company falsifies medical records so that these injuries are not defined as work-related, thus denying them their occupational health insurance protection.
While I was in Colombia, I saw video footage of the conditions under which these workers are toiling.  These conditions virtually guarantee work-place injury.   As someone who used to work in an auto parts factory, I was absolutely horrified for them, and chilled to think that if GM is allowed to run their Colombian factory in this way, then they aim to weaken conditions for workers all over the world.
These workers need your support. 
Please make a pledge at one of the suggested levels below or at any level you choose. Every penny will go to helping these workers strengthen their movement or to support those who are most in need of urgent medical care, which they are currently unable to receive.
Once you make the pledge, I will send you a stamped and addressed envelope for your donation. Simply email me at to let me know your contact information and pledge amount.
These workers are determined to win this David and Goliath battle, but they cannot do it alone. My goal is to raise $500 by the end of the month. Please give what you can for the Colombian workers of today and the North American workers of tomorrow.
Suggested Levels:
______$10 (food and supplies for the encampment)
______$30 (travel funds and materials to help them organize)
______$80 (medical supplies and treatment)
Please email with your pledge. You can also mail me a check or money order directly at 2933 N State Road 27, Ojibwa, WI 54862. Put ASOTRECOL in the memo field.  Please note, this is not a tax-deductible contribution.
Thank you for helping to build worldwide solidarity!
Gail Francis

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