Palestine and the Egyptian Revolution

[First published in the]

By Mohamed Kamel

April 4, 2011 – For more than 64 years the Palestinian people have been living under the worst oppression.  They have been taking all roads that could lead them to their homeland and the establishment of their own country. They fought for the recognition of their right to exist and gain the recognition from the entire world, armed in their struggle by the well of great people and supported by Allah (SWT).

 The Arab people never deny their support and have lived all these years by their promise not to give up any Palestinian right.  On the other hand, the Arab governments were not at the same level of the people and they compromised the Palestinian rights in running after a false dream called the co-existent; a dream that has been sold to a portion of the people by tyrants who controlled their life and sold their future to the enemy.  They betrayed the Palestinian’s rights.

 On the top was Anwar Al Sadat, who accepted a title (Peace award) in exchange of selling the Palestinian rights, then, followed by the worst dictator in the human history, Mubarak.  He allowed his own family and friends to control everything in Egypt.  He also played the worst role in the future of a great country; corruption, torture, and participation in the biggest lie called “war on terrorism” by playing the bad guy on the rendition.

 If his regime did that to his own people, so betraying the Palestinian people was nothing strange to him.  He did everything to help Israel, as per Israeli analysts, “… Mubarak’s regime saved Israel 300 Billion US $ a year…”

 Could Israel be able to control Gaza and force illegal and immoral siege on Gaza without the help of this regime? Not for one day.

 All Arab people received the Egyptian revolution with happiness and hope for the return of the golden time of the Arabs.  But the Palestinian people have the most right to celebrate the Egyptian revolution, because it was the real hope that they might see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 But let us be sure not to sell a false dream.  Yes, this revolution will be the door to stop the humiliation of the Palestinians as well as all Arabs.  But not now!

 Yes, not now.  It is a long road and the Egyptian people have a lot to do to clean the mess created by Mubarak’s regime, and then it could turn and give a hand to its brothers and sisters in Palestine.

 But did the Palestinians gain from this revolution?

 Mubarak’s regime was acting negatively on the Palestinian cause.  The smallest example is the split between Gaza and the West Bank.  This was all orchestrated by Mubarak’s right hand man Omar Soliman, who played the main role in betraying Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Now, Egypt will be on the zero line, will not act negatively or positively. Tomorrow, we will see Egypt acting positively, but please be patient.    

The Great country is coming back, but the birth is tough and the road is full of obstacles, with the Palestinians’ patience and sensibility, we will cross it together.

All Egyptians know who taught them to revolt, the children of Palestine who are unarmed facing a strong war machine. These children taught us that when people revolt, it is a sign that people broke the siege of fear that had been built around them.  A broken fear can never be re-injected.

Now, Egyptians are asking Palestinians to accept our apology, for being late but we are coming back very…very soon. 


Mohamed Kamel*



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