Adil Charkaoui Seeks Compensation in Court

Montrealer Adil Charkaoui, has filed a $24.5 million lawsuit against various members of the federal government and its agencies who had a hand in his wrongful imprisonment for 2 years and the additional 4 years he spent under house arrest.

In September of last year, Charkaoui was acquitted of all charges against him, as well as being released from the conditions of his house arrest, which included the wearing of a GPS-tracking ankle bracelet.

Subsequently, his lawyers demanded an apology as well as financial compensation of the terrible hardships suffered during his ordeal. When neither was offered by the government, Mr. Charkoui’s legal council turned to the courts for redress. ” They asked the government to respond within 10 days- it didn’t – which left him no choice but to proceed with the lawsuit”, said a member of the organization Coalition of Justice for Adil Charkaoui.

The case has its origins in a miscarriage of justice that was committed when the last Liberal government was in power in Ottawa. For his role as the attorney general at the time, including signing the security certificate that led to the arrest in the first place, Liberal MP Wayne Easter was implicated in the lawsuit. However, it was the current Harper government, that compounded the original mistake by issuing another security certificate when the first was one struck down by the Supreme Court for being unconstitutional, in its 2007 ruling.



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