Destruction as a Slush Fund: How it works

This post is in response to a question posed by one of the over 15, 000 members of the Rethink Afghanistan – facebook group:

Magi Mooney

Magi Mooney What will it take for the insanity to stop. What drives the force of destruction?!/rethinkafghanistan?ref=ts

The force of destruction is driven by the profit margin. The act of destruction is used as a conduit through which money from the public purse gets transferred to private, self-motivated interests.

Iraq, Afghanistan are used by the destruction industry to delegate public tax funds to pay for the occupations at the expense of the public’s own services at home.

Canada’s presence in Afghanistan is costing Canadian taxpayers 7 million dollars per day. The US will spend 65 billion dollars of US citizens’ money this year in Afghanistan.

This allocated public money is then transferred by the governments straight to the private companies that enable and/or directly commit the destruction.

Its continuity is made possible by the private companies’ strategy of making sure that a portion of the money gets back into the hands of the politicians who are responsible for making the decision to go to war and selling their decision to the public.

Using the state of Israel as an example. The government of the US takes 3 billion dollars a year out of the US public’s tax fund and allocates it to Israel. The media attempts to justify this allocation by creating and reinforcing an impression of violence and constant threat surrounding Israel in hopes that the US public will “go along” with this allocation of their resources.

Now, a large portion of that 3 billion dollars, when in the hands of the Israeli government, goes to lobby groups that work to promote the state of Israel and will make sure that money gets back into the hands of the senators and congressmen who keep okaying the allocation of the funds in the first place.

It amounts to nothing more than a slush fund of public resources taken by and for the personal use of the politicians who sustain the force of destruction. Their act is not even based on ideology, but on pure money-chasing greed. A society which empowers based on money does not have any other interest but accumulation.

A twenty dollar bill in your hand merits you twenty dollars worth of empowerment whether you worked a full day for the money or stole it from an old lady. Instead of attempting to rectify this basic problem in our society’s system, our politicians have worked toward exploiting it for their own benefit at the expense of our own. Accumulation with no other objective has not only destroyed the lives of millions of civilian citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world, it has also destroyed the morals and values, most clearly respect, of our society.

Once back in the hands of the senators and congressmen, the cycle is complete when, after deducting unaccountable or transparent amounts for themselves, there is a further trickle-down to the  organizations, media outlets, and local entities that are put to work ensuring electable continuity.

It is so simple for the insanity to stop. The citizens of the countries like Canada and the US must simply stop accepting the justifications for war that are based on fear, jingoism, and other false premises proposed by the politicians and spread by a media which complies as long as they see their part of the financial haul.

Once the public stops “going along” with war and simply refuses to endorse or pay into a public tax fund which is not being used for the public’s greater interest, but for the enrichment of a private minority, the profit margin of destruction is finished.

Once there is no more money or those willing to pay the force of destruction the destruction will stop. Destruction as an ideology, Disaster Capitalism, if you will,  is unsustainable because it is not a solution, it is simply a method of exploiting the problem.




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