Letter of Application to the Quebec Press Council


I would formally like to announce my intention of applying for the Quebec Press Council, and have enclosed my relevant resume herein as the necessary first step.

I have studied Communications and Public Relations at both McGill and Concordia universities and have worked in the broadcasting field, specifically print and radio, for the last 15 years.
My ability to read, understand and communicate verbally and physically in French are without hinder, although my own written French could always use some improvement. I have no difficulty reading and understanding French newspapers, as I have been doing since I was a child on an almost daily basis, and I have an uncanny ability of translating written works from French to English.

My experiences through my press work have been within Canada, United States and the World, although my upbringing was forged here in Montreal and I grew up with the Quebec press.

I believe the strongest attribute of a successful press is the ability to retain an independent perspective that accurately reflects the independent ideas of the entire community. Furthermore, the role of the Quebec Press Council should not just be one that judges whether or not media outlets retain an independent, yet representative perspective, but should be a role that facilitates, teaches and enables media outlets to achieve this goal.

I have worked for some of the most unethical organizations currently operating today, namely in the gambling and casino industry amongst others, and have experienced and observed first-hand, the specific tactics and wordplay that is used to decieve the consumer while exploiting the society and I have become aghast to see that some of the same tactics have been steadily creeping into the mainstream Quebec press today, as well as some of the so-called “independent” press organizations.
Dependance on financial support from sponsors understood, all with their own angles and agendas, this must not interfere from the main duty of the press which is to inform the public, not sell the public. All too often sponsors withold the funding that media outlets rely on for their survival depending on the stance taken by the media outlet on a certain or several issues. This is nothing more then glorified “payola” and our citizens, as well as the legacy of the press in Quebec deserve better.

I would very much like the opportunity, on behalf of the entire community, to represent a return of honesty and credability to the Quebec press corps today, in both the mainstream and independent outlets. I would strongly appreciate the opportunity to sit on the Quebec Press Council and ensure that I am able to do my part towards bring the citizens and press outlets of Quebec what they deserve.

yours truly,
Tariq Jeeroburkhan


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