Canada Shows Itself To Be the Moral Equivalent of Israel

Yes, we’ve heard it before. Our Prime Minister telling us that Israel’s values are Canada’s values. But, somehow, watching the Israeli army ringing  in the New Year by killing civilians in Gaza, who were guilty of nothing more then just wanting to live, Canadians probably took the Prime Minister’s comment for the blather it was.

Now, Canadian actions in Cornwall and Akwesasne are proving that the world disgrace that Israel has become with their apartheid agenda in Palestine are going to come home to roost in Canada next.

In a situation that is eerily similar to the treatment of the Palestinian people through the blockade of  Gaza by the Israeli army, The Canadian Government has closed down the border crossing between Mohawk Akwesasne and Cornwall, preventing the Mohawk inhabitants of Akwasasne from going about their daily lives.  The Mohawks can’t drive on or off the Island.

The decision to shut down the border crossing was taken by the Canadian government in response to the refusal of the Mohawk community to allow Border Service Agents to carry firearms and live ammunition in Akwesasne. The Canadian border guards, who demanded to be equipped with guns and ammunition walked off the job when their request was deemed illegal.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne passed resolution #318 on February 28, 2008 forbidding firearms to be carried by Canada Customs Border Service Agents in the Mohawk community.

The Mohawks are asking for worldwide support in their attempts to re-open the border crossing and get back to their daily routines.  On May 26th Cornwall city council also passed a resolution that no guns should be given to the CBSA guards.

International  law fully supports the Mohawks.  It forbids unilateral impositions without full consultation and consent of the majority of the people concerned.   Canada must abide by decisions according to the international conventions they’ve signed.

Doug Anderson of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy has presented a request to the Secretary of the UN Security Council to send officials to Akwesasne to make peace and to avoid violence from government agents.

Kenneth Deer of Kahnawake, in Montreal, also raised the issue of guns at the Akwesasne border crossing to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous People.

Despite the presence of official Canadian government delegates and members of government-funded NGOs at the meeting trying to stop any action, awareness or intervention by the UN, the Permanent Forum promised to send delegates to Akwesasne.

The very border crossing itself, enforced by the state of Canada, must be crossed several times a day by members of the Akwesasne reservation, and is an infringement upon the sovereignty and right to self determination of the original inhabitants of the land. Now, the demand for use of armed guards is a further degradation of an already segregated aboriginal people.

In the Middle East, it is not only Gaza that is being systematically segregated through techniques modeled after how Canada treated its native peoples, the same situation is on-going in the West Bank. The original inhabitants of Bilian are being segregated through the construction of a 8-meter high Apartheid Wall that will be used by the state of Israel to enforce division and separation and infringe upon the right to self-determination of the Aboriginal Palestinian people. The model of how Canada treated its native people was also studied by apartheid South Africa in the 50s and 60s and is currently being used by the Americans in their division of Iraq into religious sectors. It is no coincidence that the separation, apartheid wall that surrounds the “Green Zone” in Baghdad is the model for what is being built in Bilin.

There is currently a case brought before the Quebec Superior Court by the citizens of Bilin, which indites two Montreal companies for their role in the physical construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall. This is a case with world-changing potential, as the verdict can become a message to opportunistic foreign companies that they will no longer be able to profit on the misery and degradation of others.

Meanwhile, the storyline regarding the coverage of this news item from the CBC, Canada’s Government propaganda mouthpiece, and all the wannabe “journalists” who aspire to a job and tenure with Canada’s PR firm is that it is the Mohawks who have started the mess with their unruly behaviour.  Sorry guys, you may be able to fool yourselves because that is what you are becoming in the eyes of the world, but you are quickly on the path of losing all credibility with the citizens of this country as well as with the citizens of the world.



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