Durban II World Conference on Anti-Racism

The boycott and walkout of countries at Durban II is a public relations success for the UN in that it is a shinning example and clear exposure of the biggest problem that the UN faces – namely countries that are unwilling to accept or assume any responsibility for the racial injustices that exist in the world today.

The US, Israel, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and New Zealand all boycotting the conference, British and French representatives walking out of a presentation by Iran’s elected leader, all underscore and expose the biggest problem that the UN faces.

These countries refuse to accept or acknowledge any responsibility for the racial injustices that exist in the world today which are based on the legacy of colonialism that is still enforced in an economic form by these same countries to this day.

The French and British ambassadors walking out on the presentation made by the president of Iran justified their actions by claiming that the comments made by the Iranian representative were inflammatory against Israel.

The reality is that the boycotting and protesting nations are once again using Israel as a shield behind which they can avoid addressing the consensus-based global perspective that they are the nations that are responsible for racial injustice and inequality in the world today. This is a consensus-based global perspective based on the results of the history of the colonialism, and the results of current colonialism, which is now exercised by these same nations through economic mechanisms.

The state of Israel was placed where it was, in the absolute geographical centre of the Arab World, by the colonial powers themselves, specifically so that the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland would become the immediate target of Arab and developing countries’ anger against inequality when this anger would become manifested in physical attack. Essentially, the old colonial powers have been using the Jewish people and the State of Israel as a human shield behind which they can hide themselves from having to deal with that same anger that is only growing in the Arab and developing world. Today, the racial and cultural prejudices continue to grow, only now in economic form and is clearly evident to the global community as measured by the income inequality gap.

Speaking on Canada’s decision to boycott the Durban II conference, one must understand first what the point of this conference is. At the close of the Durban I Conference plans and outlines for racial reforms were made to be implemented in countries that had been identified as having outstanding racial inequalities, and yes Canada was one of them. So this current conference was to be the global meeting where updates into how well the original suggestions for addressing racial inequality had been implemented.

With the exception of a verbal apology to the Indigenous people of Canada, much in the manner of Australia, Canada has done absolutely nothing towards concretely addressing the issues of Indigenous prejudice and the world knows it. This conference was to be a clear condemnation of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, by the entire world community for their doing nothing, apart from rhetoric, to address lingering racial inequalities in the eight years since the close of Durban I. Canada and the other countries knew exactly the shame and disgrace they were to receive from the world community because they know exactly how little they have done in terms of true reparations to their Indigenous populations and towards changing the situation as it exists today. So, once again, Canada and the other boycotting nations use the excuse of defending Israel as the excuse for not having to listen to what the world and the UN have to tell them.

The United States is in the exact same position. Eight years ago, the global community pointed out incredible racial inequalities that still exist for Black and Latino Americans, and it was only by attempting to discredit the conference through the hype surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian issue that the United States was able to justify their media hiding this global discourse from the American population at large.

The decision by Barrack Obama to have the United States boycott the Durban II meeting is an extremely calculated move on the part of his handlers and it has absolutely nothing to do with Palestine or Israel. Obama’s very existence and position is based on the fact that the United States is trying to sell the idea to the world and to its own citizens that racial inequality no longer exists in the US. Participation in this conference would mean that the United States would actually have to listen to the global community telling them that based on the inaction of the United States over the last eight years with regards to implementing proposals to fight racism in their own country, the idea that there is no longer racism in the United States is purely a myth.

What is a reality is that it is precisely this myth that the Obama has been created to sell, which is why the US is not only boycotting the conference but once again making every attempt to discredit it as well. The question of whether the citizens of the US are still buying the façade remains to be seen, but it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the world is not and was prepared to tell the United States precisely that. Aware that the myth of racial equality in the US is pure make-believe, the US boycotted the Durban II conference rather then listen to the truth and once again used Israel as the excuse.




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