Re: The Conservatives are Down and Out in Quebec and Know It

-this is a response to an article from the Globe and Mail-

It is always interesting to see how Quebec is viewed through the eyes of the rest of Canada, which itself has many different perspectives.

The title of this article can replace the word “Quebec” with “Canada” and still be just as accurate.

The longer the Conservatives are directing on the national stage the more clear their insensitivity to the Canadian audience becomes. The most unfortunate result of this scenario is that the Liberals, who as representatives of Canada have literally regressed and become more disconnected from the Canadian public perspective since being kicked out of office several years ago, are the biggest beneficiaries.

It seems that if Canadians are not willing to accept any form of coalition government, which includes all the parties represented in the house, then we are doomed to the same “lesser of two evils” representation that has been inflicted upon the American people for the last 3o years. This isn’t a democratic choice we’re being offered here, it’s the “planned obsolencence” of democracy itself.

The Republicrats have gradually seperated the people of the US from the government in Washington little by little since Kennedy was shot, and now it seems as if the Libervatives have the same agenda in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, all the self-interested groups of Canadians, including the provinces themselves, are too busy fighting to grab the crumbs as they fall from the table to see the big picture and how it will affect us all.

Say what you will about the Quebec Bloc party, but if the current trends in Canadian politics continue, the future of politics in this country at the Federal level will be nothing more then provincial block parties fighting over how to divy up resources. This has the potential to disintegrate the country as we know it, which would make it easier to be controlled by the US/private corporate interests.

Alternatively, a coalition of provincial block parties, working within the framework of a unified whole, would make Canada less dependant on private corporate interest because private corporate relationships with a Federal government structured in that form would require approval from all provinces, as equal members of a governing coalition.



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